Friday, 28 March 2014

Fountain Pen Wishlist: Part Two

Back to the list of the top ten best-looking pens (in my opinion) in our shop… 

6. Conway Stewart’s Edwardian Limited Edition (£1080)

The Edwardian is made of solid silver so as you’d expect it’s quite heavy (perhaps not one to write your magnus opus with) but pleasingly so. You get your pound of silver to speak, and being matte silver, though it was only released last year the Edwardian already it looks and feels like an antique from the past; very authentic.


   7. The Yard O Led Perfecta (£305)


Another pen which I like for very similar reasons as the Edwardian. A bit shinier, but still classic – from the 19th Century this time. The Perfecta is slimmer and very pretty to look at.

3  8. Omas 360 Lucens Special Edition (£1275)

You can read all the reasons why I really like this 360 Lucens in my earlier review here.

9. Pelikan M320 Limited Edition (£399) 
A very small Pelikan pen in two marble-like colours and gold trim that I think work together fantastically. 

   10.   Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Fountain Pen with Rose Gold Trim 

The Invincia Deluxe is one of the more modern of my choices, being mainly made of carbon fibre; my preference tends to be for the more classic-looking pens but the rose gold trim on this pen makes it a real hybrid of design – Monteverde got it perfectly right for a blend ‘of art and technology’. 

Well there you have it - ten fantastically-designed pens! Not in order, as that would take me even longer than it did to whittle the designs down to just the top ten.

Do you have any of these on your own wishlist? 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Fountain Pen Wishlist: Part One

Working at Write Here!, we get to see a lot of very beautiful pens. Sometimes the same pen, every day, when walking past the cabinets. From someone who wouldn’t have ever spent more than a couple of pounds on a pen, probably a Biro, I have slowly come to understand why people would spend hundreds (even thousands) of pounds on a fountain pen. Here I thought I’d go through my favourite designs, limiting myself to ten. All but one are still available, but I had to sneak it in anyway…

    1. The Pacific Green Faber Castell Ambition Rollerball (£49)

Faber Castell don’t do the Pacific Green as a fountain pen, unfortunately, though they do have Ambition fountain pens in a great choice of wood finishes. This colour is wonderfully unique sea green, matte, complimented by the very glossy chrome fittings. Modern and classy at the same time.

1 2. The Passioni Fountain pen from the Omas Bologna collection. (£260)

This is one of the few pens that when I see it, I’d expect to be more expensive (and you don’t often get to say that about luxury fountain pens...) 

Omas are one of my favourite designers with a knack for striking the perfect balance between unusual and tasteful. Looking at the Passioni pen closely, the colours (my two favourite, incidentally) are wonderfully deep, multi-tonal and bold.

13. Onoto Henry Simpole Overlay fountain pen (£665 - £2500)

The overlay on these fountain pens (available as silver, vermeil or gold; expensive, very expensive, eye-wateringly so) is designed by master craftsman Henry Simpole. The overlay is laid over the ebonite to create a wonderfully three-dimensional, detailed and textured surface that it’s unlikely you’ll grow tired of looking at. 

You can find The Henry Simpole Overlay here on our website.

1 4. Visconti Edvard Munch Scream limited edition. (Sold out.)

This pen Limited Edition Scream fountain pen was made by Visconti as a limited edition of 338 pieces. It is a great tribute to one of my favourite pieces of art – dark, imagined and thoughtful. Unsurprisingly it has sold out.

15. Omas Limited Edition Alexandr Pushkin Fountain Pen. (£2,200)

I’ve mentioned the Pushkin pen on the blog a few times, running through the inspiration and the meaning behind the design.  We haven’t had one of these in the cabinet [yet] but of course I continue to hope...